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Important stuff


Important stuff


Here is some info about the wedding that you'll probably find helpful. If you have questions about anything here please reach out to Brenna and or Alex

alexander.e.adrian@gmail.com // bpaulsen87@gmail.com



We are planning a very casual ceremony on the beach at Scarborough Beach State Park. This will happen on the sand and you’ll need to walk around 250m down the beach so dress accordingly and mentally prepare for that. Please reach out if walking down the beach is not your thing and we’ll work something out (there is another entry way, but can’t bring everyone that way).

If you arrive to the ceremony on the bus (see below), entry to the beach will be no problem. If you choose to drive yourself, just let them know you are part of the Adrian/Paulsen event and they should let you in anytime on Saturday (there is plenty of parking, you just might need to walk kind of far).


Our reception is at The Well at Jordan Farms. It’s a great restaurant on a farm, the floor of the dining room is dirt, so again, keep that in mind when choosing an outfit. The food is great here, expect a pescetarian feast. Let us know if you have any food allergies or desert ideas.

Due to the size of the venue, we unfortunately can't have children attend. Sorry, we really like kids, but… if you need help finding childcare, let us know and think of it as a day off.

Dress code

As mentioned above, this is a pretty casual affair that will take you across many types of ground surfaces (sand and dirt and who knows what else) so while we want everyone to look nice, just go easy on the heels or shiny shoes.



We’ll have a bus to transport you from either the Hampton Inn in downtown Portland or from the Higgins Beach Inn in Scarborough and back again at the end of the night. Times for both those pick ups are listed below (they might change a little as we get closer to the date so check back). Anyone staying in Portland, the Hampton Inn in downtown is a good location with a parking garage nearby so feel free to jump on this bus even if you're not at that hotel. If you want to drive yourself, that’s totally fine just plan on being sober.


Schedule of Events

Day of Wedding 9/9

  • 245pm - Bus Pick Up Hampton Inn downtown Portland
  • 330pm - Bus Pick Up Higgins Beach Inn Higgins Beach
  • 4pm - Ceremony Scarborough Beach State Park
  • 430pm - Bus shuttles to Reception
  • 5pm – 11ish pm Reception The Well at Jordan Farm
  • 11pm - Bus rides back to downtown or the beach